Ok, how will this process work?

Very simply.

Go to our Request Service page, look at the calendar and pick a couple of times that work best for you.

Our office will review your request, and send a reply email confirming a requested time. If no time was mentioned or available then an alternate time block will be offered and reserved for you.

Then your technician will call when directly on the way to your property (remember with our company we do not guarantee arrival time and as such you are not required to be at the property until 30 minutes after being contacted by your technician)

The technician will prepare your quote and the office will submit that quote to you or your warranty company

You can pay your technician or you can pay online through our Square invoicing.

We hope that making this decision allows us to better serve you, and appreciate any and all questions, comments, or concerns.

Thank you for your business.

We are happy to announce that we are going ALL DIGITAL!!!

​But what does that mean for you, our customers? I hope this page, will help answer any questions and also help transition into this new process.

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Q&A Appliance Repair LLC.

What is going all-digital?

All digital means we, as a company, will no longer be accepting incoming calls. We will still be providing out-going calls as requested. Contact will be automated through SMS-Messaging and Email. 

Concerns we hear about going all-digital

Q) What about those who don't use email?

A) Unfortunately, not all customers are our customers, and that's ok. All our receipts and invoices have solely been digital for a while now. Granted we do print them and mail as requested, but we do not provide a written physical invoice at time of service. 

Q) So I can't talk to a person?

A) You can request a return call, just be sure to add your availability for receiving calls so we contact you at a time that's not inconveniencing.

Those are truly the only concerns we have heard. Besides the standard concerns such as time for response or service.

Why go all-digital and what benefit does that entail?

Proper expectations lead to proper satisfaction. When you have an option such as incoming calls available, if your call is missed or goes to voicemail you may feel neglected. You also expect someone to always be available, which is not possible when staff is responding to digital contacts. With digital contact, you anticipate a lag (not too long you just don't expect an immediate response). With this, if you know you need immediate response and service, we may not be the right company for you. That is ok, not EVERY customer is OUR customer. We would rather you know immediately there will be a time delay, then waiting impatiently for that return call feeling forgotten. 

Actual working power. We are a "small" business, as such, we do not have the resources to just hire new people when workloads increase. This does not mean we are not staffed, we solely have the vision to provide bigger and better service. Going all-digital means we will be able to automate routine tasks freeing staff to handle more difficult or complex issues.

Language barriers can be an issue. Transcribing voicemails or translating over the phone can be a time-consuming task. Issues such as slurred speech or fast talking can make calls take longer than necessary. With digital communications, there can be no misunderstanding as to what is required allowing us to respond to those needs quicker.

Finally our focus. With live and digital communications, our attention is split. By channeling through 1 medium we can concentrate our efforts to excel in that medium. Be a 1 trick pony, find 1 thing and do it better than anyone else. We will be focusing our efforts on improving our systems to accommodate our new methodology. This means more features, more immediate up-to-date information involving your work orders, and more information overall on your time when you want it.